I am an independant senior front-end developer based in Paris, France. I have 7 years of experience through Front-end development. I work with digital agencies and direct clients on many different stacks.

I mainly develop everything from scratch and prefer not to use framework (whenever I can) so I can fully control every step of the process.

After 7 years I have came to enjoy more and more the process of structuring project. To me, a properly done project is 80% of thinking well the structure and maintainability of a project, the stack, the data … Right now I am more and more curious about creative development though Three.js and p5.js that I use for personal projects.

I am trying to share my knowledge through articles every time I discover a major debug issue or new stacks that I found usefull.

Keywords: Semantic HTML, Scss (BEM), Javascript, Headless CMS, WordPress, Shopify, API, JAMstack, Next, Git, Terminal, Webpack, Notion, Figma…