I am a front-end developer with almost 10 years of experience. A mum, musician, boulder climber, and beer lover 🍺

I work for various clients, fashion, travel, e-commerce... from digital agencies to direct client. Always tailor-made 👌

I can either develop an app with express and some headless CMS or with a framework (Svelte is my favourite), create your WordPress or Shopify dream theme or spend a lot of time testing and creating through p5.js or Three.js.

I'm a big Eleventy fan which is a great tool with super power and I am trying to write articles and share my knowledge as much as I can.

Keywords: Semantic HTML, Scss (BEM), Javascript, Headless CMS, WordPress, Shopify, API, JAMstack, Eleventy, Svelte, Next, Git, Terminal, Gulp, Webpack, Notion, Figma…