Custom Wordpress with Woocommerce

Réjeanne is an underwear brand and I am currently helping them with their e-commerce website.

  • Settling development process
  • Settling common working tools for the team
  • A complete code review
  • Performance and SEO optimisation
  • Settling test environnement


Custom Wordpress

I work on custom wordpress development for housing, travel and institutional websites.

  • Custom theme development
  • Custom feature development such as news notification on news timeline


Custom WordpressMagento 1/2 front

I was front-end developer for Colorz Agency. I have developed e-commerce, travel and portfolio website.

  • Custom theme development for Franck Provost
  • Front-end development on Magento 2 for Bonne Maman
  • Shopify theme review for Atelier doré
  • Front-end development and feature development such as Javascript product bundle binding between native magento and front for La perle des grèves
  • Continuous improvement for many other brand


Magento 1/2 front

I worked on e-commerce website.

  • Front-end development for new features


Magento 1/2 frontSymfony front

I worked on e-commerce, housing and institutional websites.

  • Debugs development for different clients on Magento
  • Pages front-end reviews on Symfony